Bring Experience and Sound Counsel to Legal Transactions of Your Business

If you need an attorney for your business contracts, you need look no further.

With 40 years in practice, Peggy Bush is steeped in experience, integrity, and the knowledge that her successful practice is built on relationships Рrelationships with her clients,  her colleagues, and her community.

Peggy knows that her clients want to be heard. She listens carefully and intently, considering each case to be unique and personal. She does her own legal research, digs deep, plans for surprises, considers all aspects of the problem, and pulls in every resource necessary to support  your case and create collaborative plans.

One past client sums up her abilities: “Peggy saw through the lease’s obfuscation and double-speak, and she translated what she saw into concrete, comprehensible “what ifs” and “why nots”. I feel substantially safer. I trust her to have my back!