Our Practice

The Well-Being of Your Business Is Our Business

When you need protection for your business assets, Peggy Bush delivers thoughtful and caring counsel. Whether you are in the initial stages of setting up your business, creating legal business relationships, protecting your business assets or transitioning out of your business, Peggy Bush brings first-hand knowledge of the business world to each situation. She knows from personal experience how difficult it can be to open and operate a business.

Whether you are forming your business entity, creating commercial agreements, faced with real estate issues, or responding to a violation of your rights, anticipating potential legal pitfalls of owning your business can save a lot of legal hassle and expense down the road.

Peggy will treat your business scenario with care and attention to every possible detail – regardless of the size of your business or scope of your need for counsel.

I love this attorney!  First, she talks in a way real people can understand.  Then, she translates that into contracts that you can understand but that keep you legally protected.  I recently hired Ms. Bush to look over my existing contracts for my interior design business.  She showed me how I wasn’t protecting myself or my clients properly.  After getting to know my business needs she came up with two different contracts depending on how extensive the job was.  She also gave me addendums that might be helpful to add also depending on the job.  It was straight talk and that’s what I like most about her.  I will definitely use her in the future and recommend her to everyone.”
– Kristina W, Berkeley