A Practical Approach to Your Business Challenges


We look at your business challenges as reasons for us to make it as simple for you to work with us.

 The first step is for us to have a meeting, at no charge, so that we can listen to you talk your issues, your long and short range plans, your end goals and expectations, and to answer your questions.

 If after this initial meeting, we both find synergy in your needs and my skill set, then we will begin work, based on an estimate of the number of hours anticipated to complete the work involved.

 Working efficiently and being as mutually responsive will ensure that as a team we “get it right” as we work through the project.

 We do not do fixed fee or contingency work. Billings will be submitted at the end of the project or monthly, whichever comes first, and payable upon receipt.

 Note: Most business transactions involve matters that are beyond our control such as negotiations with the parties or revisions of agreements, the initial estimate may change. However, you will be advised of any changes to your estimates prior to continuing work.

Please contact Peggy at 510.547.7454 or complete the Contact form.