Results Worth Talking About


“I engaged Mary Margaret Bush to review a contract for me. It was long and complicated. She was thorough and knowledgeable and made many changes to protect my interest. She even made a physical visit to the site that was the focus of the contract. Both sides were impressed by her knowledge and level of attention she paid to every line in the document. I felt very well taken care of and secure that Mary Margaret had my best interest at heart. I will use her for all my legal needs in my business and do so with great confidence.”
– Giovanna T., Oakland

“I used Ms. Bush recently to help me make sense of a colossal commercial real-estate lease I was getting ready to sign.  I read it through before sitting down with her, thinking, “By heck, I’m a man of no mean intellect.  I’ll just prepare in advance and share my concerns when I see her.”  It turns out I needn’t have bothered.  My intellect is indeed mean by comparison, at least as far as it applies to interpreting legalese, and she is an adept of the first order.  She saw through the lease’s obfuscation and double-speak, and she translated what she saw into concrete, comprehensible “what ifs” and “why not’s.”  I would have had no idea what I was signing, had I not engaged her services, and when it came time to negotiate the lease’s provisions with the landlord’s lawyer, she was on it — timely and tenacious.  I feel substantially safer and better informed having had her on my side for this, and I intend to make sure she stays there whenever the need arises.  I trust her to have my back!”
– Don G., Oakland

“When I was signing a new lease, I hired Peggy Bush to review the contract.  She did and she gave me a dozen changes to request. The landlord accepted every one of the revisions.  That was remarkable. With the help of a professional, smart and competent attorney, you can move mountains!  Mary Margaret Bush is certainly one of the best attorneys you can have on your side.”
– Lee R., Oakland

“I feel SO much better after having Ms. Bush redo my business contracts.  I had been using a contract template for years, and didn’t know that there were any flaws until a client who is also a lawyer pointed this out.  Now I feel fully protected because Ms. Bush researched what was needed to bring my contracts up to date.  Ms. Bush is great to work with; so thorough and knowledgeable, and very friendly, too. I recommend Mary Margaret Bush’s legal services to any small business that needs to tighten up their affairs.  She is the “CYA” expert!”
– Jenny R., Oakland

“I feel proud and secure having Ms. Bush as my business attorney. I’m sure that the forms and contracts I’m using are watertight. Best of all, I feel understood for who I am and how I like to do business. Ms. Bush is reliable and responsible. She does what she says she will do, in a timely manner, more than I can say for some other attorneys I’ve worked with!”
– Ann C., Berkeley

“Working with a lawyer often means that you want to overcome some obstacle that has placed itself in your path. That was certainly the case when my husband and I were referred to Mary Margaret (Mary Margaret) Bush in the early 1990s. Our first meeting took place at Carrara’s Café on Stanford in Emeryville. The café is long gone, but our friendship with Mary Margaret endures. Why is this? It has to do with the secret to Mary Margaret’s success as an attorney and also as a member of the world community. Not only is she brilliant and beautiful in all senses of these words—not only does she possess a broad range of experience in her field—but she is also compassionate, fair, and a model of integrity. Mary Margaret is a winner and you can rest assured that if she is on your side, she will do everything in her power to make sure that you prevail. Her power is considerable simply because she is firmly guided by her determination to achieve justice for her clients.”
– Valerie P., Oakland

“I recently found myself in need of an attorney. If you’ve never had reason to use an attorney before, how do you go about finding a good one?   None of my friends had any to recommend and I’d looked at the State Bar site, but after calling 2-3 attorneys who couldn’t even be bothered to return my initial phone call, I was feeling frustrated.   In desperation, I turned to Yelp and am so glad I did because after reading the (rightfully) glowing reviews of Peggy Bush, Esq. I decided to give her a call.

This is how honest she is:  When I spoke with her on the phone and told her what I needed help with, she assured me that it was something I could save money on and easily do myself.  She even took the time to explain where I could get what I needed and how to do it.

I thought to myself, “Now there’s an honest attorney!” and decided right then to hire her.  After explaining why I specifically wanted an attorney to help me with the issue, we set up an appointment.

So my particular legal situation was a really big, important deal to me but would only require a small amount of an attorney’s time. She didn’t push it aside because it wasn’t a big-deal case, no, no…this attorney was on TOP of the game.   I was impressed with the level of attention she gave it, the dedication to detail, and the truly excellent follow-through.   When the other party delayed or was non-responsive, she was always polite, professional, but completely dogged about getting what we needed.  Peggy is pure, unadulterated competence. I absolutely loved that.

During the process communicating with her was a breeze, she was easy to reach, gave me regular updates as to the progress and was quick to answer any questions or concerns I had.   I never had to worry, because I knew she was taking care of business.

When you need someone on your side, no matter how big or small the issue, Peggy is the attorney you want.  She had my back, I know she’d have yours too.”
– T J, Oakland

“Peggy Bush is a sincere caring person.  Professionally she knows how to determine and focus on core issues allowing for a quick resolution of the dispute.”
– J Verhoek, Pleasanton